• PSI and AFR 16x2 Gauge

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Description:  This tutorial will demonstrate how to build an LCD boost and AFR (air fuel ratio) gauge and displaying it on a 20x2 Hitachi LCD screen.  An Innovate LC-1 will feed the wideband 0-5v for 8-22afr readings.  The boost reading was setup to work with a Honda MAP sensor however any map sensor can be used with some change in the code.

The LCD will display Air fuel ratio with an indicator bar ranging from 8-22afr.  The LCD will also display current boost/vacuum and peak boost.  There will be 4 buttons to enable the menu, navigate and clear the peak boost.

Video Clip of the assembled project working:

Parts needed:

  1. Arduino Uno
  2. 4 Push buttons
  3. 4 10k resistor
  4. 1 10k potentiometer
  5. 20x2 LCD (Hitachi compatible)
  6. Misc wires
  7. Usb cable for the Uno
  8. Arduino IDE version 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 (tested)


  1. BMP085 Bosch pressure sensor (for sensing atmosphere if using absolute sensors)

Wire up the project on a breadboard or test board.

More details can be found here:  http://paulsvang.com/mylife/how-to-build-a-boost-and-air-fuel-ratio-lcd-gauge/

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PSI and AFR 16x2 Gauge

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